Welcome — F5 Automation Toolchain documentation



Welcome to Class!


You should have received all your student info to access the lab, if you have not please find an instructor.


This class is focused on the F5 Automation Toolchain and has been created to introduce students to the components and their uses. You should have a basic understanding of BIG-IP technologies and a desire to learn about automation and orchestration.

Composable infrastructure provides the mechanism to create reusable items, with small reusable items we can create more frequent changes gaining better agility and controlled fault domains.

  • F5 ToolChain (Overview)
    • 99 Balloons (Module 1)
  • F5 Declarative Onboarding (Presentation)
    • F5 Declarative Onboarding (Module 2)
  • F5 Application Services 3 (Presentation)
    • F5 Application Services 3 (Module 3)
  • F5 Telemetry Streaming (Presentation)
    • F5 Telemetry Streaming (Module 4)
  • CI/CD (Presentation)
    • Ansible Tower (Module 5)

Resources in this lab are documented and released on F5 CloudDocs. It is encouraged after the lab to read through these sections for broader learning.

F5 provides a formal series of labs focusing on the enablement of engineers looking to interact with BIG-IP products programmatically. The Super-NetOps program is free and self-service open to anyone.